Outcry as Turkey’s electoral board decrees ‘illegal votes’ valid

Turkey’s Supreme Electoral Board, which oversees elections, has decreed that ballot papers and envelopes without official stamp will be deemed valid in the country’s constitutional referendum.

Voting on the 18-article constitutional change ended at 17:00 local time across the country.

According to Turkey’s voting laws, every polling station must have the exact number of officially stamped ballot papers and envelopes as registered voters at that particular station.

The decision comes after reports of dozens of violations and claims of fraud. Hundreds of votes without official stamps have been cast according to opposition media.

Critics have called the votes without official stamps “illegal” and launched the hashtag  (#voteswithoutofficialstamparenotvalid) on social media.

Blasting the decision, well known writer and journalist Ece Temelkuran, tweeted: ‘Who are you trying to fool!’