Palestinian prisoners in Israel end hunger strikes after main demands met – reports

Palestinians demonstrate in support of some 6,500 Palestinians detained in Israeli jails of which hundreds of prisoners ended a 40-days long hunger strike.

Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel have ended hunger strikes following the agreement reached after negotiations between Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), local media reported Saturday, citing the Israeli Prison Service.

In late April, hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli prisons started hunger strikes demanding better detention conditions. In particular, the prisoners demanded an end to solitary confinement and detention without trial and the right to more family visits. The strikes led to an escalation of tensions and several clashes between Palestinians and Israeli security forces have erupted since the end of April.

According to The Jerusalem Post newspaper, PA, Israel and ICRC reached an agreement, which guarantees that the prisoners will now have two family visits per month instead of one.

The problem with family visits was reportedly caused due to the lack of finances in the ICRC, which previously paid for the transportation costs and had to cut the funding of second visits. Now, in line with the agreement, the PA takes the responsibility for paying the costs of second family visits.