People of Raqqa will govern Raqqa: SDF spokesperson

Telal Silo, SDF Spokesperson

Speaking to Nazim Dastan from Tigris Media News Agency, Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) spokesperson Talal Silo, has stated that while their operation for the liberation of Raqqa is continuing, sympathy towards the SDF amongst the Syrian people is rising. Silo said that as the SDF they were committed to taking greater steps towards a solution in Syria.

Stating that the SDF has found a popular base in Syria, Silo said, “Many different identities have taken their place within the SDF. This organisation, formed by Arabs, Turcoman, Kurds and Assyrians, is producing constructive projects for the future of Syria. Syria has suffered a lot from radical Islamist groups; they have only brought tyranny, pain and massacre. This has led to more suffering and deepened the impasse in Syria. The Syrian people have lost faith in these groups. The peoples of Syria are looking for an atmosphere in which they can live and breathe. This is the promise of the SDF. The SDF is not only furthering a military agenda, it is at the same time allowing for positive developments in the political sphere”.

Speaking about the SDF’s “Wrath of Euphrates” operation to liberate Raqqa, Silo gave information about its progress: “We started the second phase of the Wrath of Euphrates operation over a month ago. As part of this operation hundreds of villages and many hamlets and strategic regions have been liberated. This corresponds to more than 3,200 square kilometres. There is 25 kilometres left to reach Raqqa. Our forces are conducting the operations with huge morale. We are moving forward successfully.”

Silo also expressed his belief that Raqqa will be liberated and that “Raqqa will have a civil and military assembly, and only the people of Raqqa will govern Raqqa”.

“The fighters at the frontline of this operation are the children of Raqqa. They will enter their city. They will liberate their city and their people from the tyranny of Daesh,” Silo said, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State.

“We want our people to welcome them. We want the people of Raqqa to wait for us. We will come to their assistance in the shortest possible time. We call upon everyone to be in solidarity with us”, he said.

The SDF is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious armed group supported by the US-led global coalition countering the Islamic State. According to a recent statement the SDF has liberated 3,200km of area from the jihadist group since the beginning of the “Wrath of Euphrates” operation.