“Peshmerga salaries paid by the USA”

Cebar Yawer, General Secretary Peshmerga Ministry

Jabbar Yawer, The General Secretary of the Peshmerga Ministry, has said that the USA has given the Kurdistan Regional Government 415 million US Dollars to cover the salaries of 36 thousand Peshmerga fighters.

In a press meeting organised after the General Secretary attended the opening of an art centre in the city of Sulaymaniyah, Jabbar Yawer said, “the support for the Peshmerga given by the USA has so far been transferred in five instalments, paying the 26-27 thousand Dinar salary of each Peshmerga. 36 thousand Peshmerga fighters are receiving their salaries from this money. The support of the coalition forces for the Peshmerga is also continuing. We have joint plans for 2017. Coalition forces have a training facility in the Kurdistan region. The Peshmerga forces will be trained by the coalition.”

Yawer also said, “Military equipment and arms are also being sent to the Peshmerga. According to our agreement, the USA will send more arms to two Peshmerga brigades in 2017”.