Photo story: Football not just a man’s game

Taksim, Istanbul, 2016 (Kom News/Ates Alpar)

By Ates Alpar*

Taksim, Istanbul.

19 February International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia in Football, 2016.

Last year, a group of LGBTI+ activists came together in order to attract attention to the discrimination of LGBTI+ persons in the football industry and to commemorate gay footballer, Justin Fashanu who committed suicide.

This is the tournament of the those who enjoy passing as well as scoring a goal but also for those who don’t keep score.

Despite the masculinity and heterosexuality prevalent on the green fields, the outstanding and the radical teams of LGBTI+ football society, Athletic Dildoa, Sporting Lesbians, Lesyoners and Queer Park Rangers came together in this fair-play tournament.

This is the tournament of those who love conceding a goal.

Ates Alpar was born in southeastern province Nusaybin, Mardin in 1990. He is a photographer and a human rights activist based on Turkey. He has been interested in documentary photography for the last four years.