Photo story: International Women’s Day Istanbul

Thousands march in Istanbul to mark International Women's Day.

Tens of thousands of women walked through Istanbul’s famous Istiklal Street to mark International Women’s Day. Several non-governmental organisations and women’s movements came together on Wednesday evening to defend “women’s right to life”.

The women, who shouted slogans and blew whistles, carried placards saying, “No to interventions in our lives!”

A significant police presence could be seen throughout the event as marchers sang and danced to Turkish and Kurdish songs.

The march ended peacefully with a statement being read out in both Turkish and Kurdish. The statement, read by activist Dilsah Esli, emphasised the situation of women in society, femicide, sexism, and the injustice towards transgender individuals.

“We once again declare to men and the male state: no to anything less than 100% equality! No to a life within the limits of the family! No to equal labour-unequal pay! No to war and extra-territorial military operations! No to male justice and the male state! No to the head of the family and the head of the state!”