Photo story: “Les migrations que vivent”

By Haydar Tastan*

A migrant bar in the northern district of Paris, far from the romantic movies, high art and sterilised life styles, just before arriving at the slums of the city.

The guests seem in harmony with the name of the bar; ‘Les Migrations que Vivent’, in its English translation, ‘the migrations that live’.

Les Migrations que Vivent is a frequented place for mostly non-Europeans coming from all around the world; blacks, Arabians, Africans, the poors, the immigrants, political refugees and so on. It is a place where the colonial immigrants meet and have fun together.

The constant visitors of the bar usually come in the evening and return to their homes with the closure of the bar after midnight. Needless to say, some continue drinking on the streets.

This photo story aims to express the witnessing of the night of these migrant lives through a shaded point of view.

Northern Paris, Château Rouge.
August 2016, France.

*Haydar Tastan is a photographer based in Turkey.