PKK armed wing releases statement on last week’s Viransehir bombing

Aftermath of explosion, Viransehir/Urfa

The People’s Defence Force (HPG), the armed wing of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has released a statement today claiming responsibility for the car bomb attack in the Viransehir district of the city of Sanliurfa on 17 February.

In its statement the HPG said, “a local unit conducted the reprisal attack for three resistance fighters killed by the Turkish state in Viransehir.”

“On 17 February at 20.30 our forces detonated a car-bomb in front of lodgings used by police, judges and prosecutors in the Viransehir district of the city of Urfa. Vehicles belonging to the police and the lodgings were destroyed as a result of the explosion,” the statement read.

The HPG said that the announcement was delayed due to only just being able to “contact the team that conducted the action.”

Azim Tuna, the governor of the province, had said after the attack that “a car loaded with explosives targeting the lodgings was detonated remotely in the terrorist attack killing two people and injuring 15 others”.