Pokemon Go- Battle Worn Technique by Niantic for Better Results

The entire world is a mixed bag where you have good and bad people residing in it in equal measure and everyone has their own agenda to fulfill which is why they are born and do their deeds according to their preference.

There are three stages in a human being’s life- childhood, youth and old age where the first is universally regarded as the best phase where there is little tension and worry alongwith the comfort zone of your home where the parents act as the home guards while their children rule the house.

Small kids are pretty stubborn with their demands and are used to seeing their wishes being fulfilled in a jiffy and they are mostly fond of video games where Mario, Dangerous Dave, Swat Kats and their ilk ruled the roost once upon a time.

Catch Them All

In the midst of such dominant forces in video games, there came a Japanese venture called Pokemon in 1997 that was launched with the hopes of taking over the new millennial generation but the initial period was full of struggles where it was trying to establish its credentials with little success.

Pokemon is a story of protagonist Ash Ketchum, who alongwith his friends Brock the Hunter and Misty Williams is out on a quest to capture the most powerful Pokemons on the earth but without causing any harm to them and to foil the devious plans of the 3 antagonists Jessie, James and Meow.

Then slowly but surely Pokemon started becoming more and more popular and within a few years, it left all its erstwhile counterparts far behind, prompting its makers to launch its animated series on cartoon network around 2002.

While the TV series established new records when it came to TRP ratings, the makers weren’t satisfied with this achievement and wanted to go even further and lucky for them, the social media revolution was happening in parallel where internet found its way into our mobile phones.

In July 2016, Pokemon Go was launched with much fanfare and became a worldwide sensation with nearly 2 billion downloads within just 48 hours of its launch setting a world record, a feat that was unseen until then.

Premium Battle

In order to make the action adventure more enthralling, Niantic software is planning to set the bar high for the players who can now use raid and battle passes without the annoying consumption method during the actual event.

The players can get pokemon go accounts free without having to subscribe at premium level where they have to pay a little extra without any added benefits in store.

Once the time comes for the raid, you will get a notification about how the raid is going to be aside from the number of players involved in the quest where they won’t join in with any lobby that has its own propaganda.

Niantic has come up with this interesting concept to through raid passes that has made the premium battle more engaging so that once the raid process is complete, a player can comfortably exit the game and the raid pass would be returned to the stock load.