Police in Turkey stop wedding convoy detain two for waving ‘Kurdish colours’

A police officer steps on the green-red-yellow fabric in Turkey's southern Adana province.

Police in Turkey’s southern Adana province stopped a convoy of cars during a wedding celebration and detained two people for holding a green-red-yellow piece of fabric allegedly symbolising Kurdish colours, media in Turkey reported.

The incident took place on Sunday in the Seyhan district when police saw two people in a wedding convoy waving the tri-coloured fabric. According to witness reports police stopped the cars and called reinforcements to the area before confiscating the fabric and burning it with a lighter.

Witnesses said the commanding officer at the scene told the bride and groom, “You are responsible for the convoy. If this were my convoy I wouldn’t allow it. This means that you are allowing it.”

Referring to the green-red-yellow fabric the same officer added that it contravened the country’s laws and pointing to a nearby Turkish flag, said, “We have one flag. Look it’s flying over there.”

The people detained were taken to the local anti-terror unit, according to reports.

It is not clarified if they have been released.