Police raids home of journalist who photographed Newroz killing

The house of Dihaber editor Abdurrahman Gok was raided by police on Thursday morning.

Police on Thursday raided the home of journalist and Dihaber news agency editor, Abdurrahman Gok, who photographed Turkish police killing university student Kemal Kurkut during the Newroz (New Year) celebrations in Diyarbakir on 21 March.

The journlist was not at home during the raid but a picture of his ransacked home was posted on his Twitter account.

Gok’s flatmates were told that the investigation was carried out by the Police Anti-terror Department (TEM).

The award winning journalist was summoned to court eight days after the Newroz incident to give a statement, where the prosecutor confiscated the 26 photos he had taken of Kurkut being shot. Gok had hidden the photos from police at the scene after officers forced other reporters to delete footage and images.

23-year-old Kemal Kurkut, a fine arts student, was shot and killed by police on ahead of a Kurdish Newroz celebration in the Kurdish majority Diyarbakir.

Police claimed the young man had shouted he was a suicide bomber, but images taken by Gok later confirmed that Kurkut was naked from the waist up and that police had confiscated his bag and forced him to strip.