Police violently detains and tortures mother and wife of hunger-striking teacher

Police brutaily detained Sultan Ozakca, mother of hunger striking teacher

The mother and wife of hunger-striking teacher Semih Ozakca, who was detained late last night after Turkish police raided his house were also detained today, reports the daily Evrensel on Monday.

Esra Ozakca, wife of purged teacher Semih Ozakca who is on a hunger strike for 75 days reclaiming his job, announced this morning along with her husband’s mother, Sultan Ozakca that they are also starting a hunger strike.

Police violently attacked and detained the pair and many others who were present in Ankara’s Yuksel Avenue demanding the release of Semih Ozakca and academician Nuriye Gulmen, also on hunger strike for 75 days and also detained late last night after police raided her house as well.

One of the protesters posted a video in his twitter account showing Turkish police gassing Ozakca’s wife (who has asthma) and mother inside the police car. Police opens the door of the detention car eight minutes after gassing Ozakca’s mother and wife, the video shows.

When demonstrators gathered again in Yuksel Avenue, where the purged teacher and academic were hunger-striking, police violently attacked and dispersed the crowd. Ankara police later cordoned off the area where the demonstration was taking place with barriers – only 3 CHP parliamentarians who started a sit-in were allowed to stay.

Administrators from the Turkish Medical Association’s Ankara chapter demanded the immediate release of the hunger-striking teachers stating that the detention conditions pose a grave risk to their health, including risk of infection.