Portable Dehumidifiers Versus Home Dehumidifiers: Which One To Choose? 

Dehumidifiers; this term has recently taken over the market. The major reason is because of the increasing pollution and humidity in the surrounding environment. Going according to the name, these dehumidifiers are great devices for detecting the amount of humidity in your space and then work and adjust accordingly to reduce it. This will make you feel less humid and fresher in your home. Dehumidifiers are available in different shapes and sizes and for various purposes. You should purchase one when you are clear with all your needs. The whole house dehumidifier pros and cons are defined below, so you will know how they are different from the portable dehumidifiers.

What are portable dehumidifiers?

These are very similar to the normal dehumidifiers doing the same job but at a lesser price. Most people are confused if they should buy a portable dehumidifier or a home dehumidifier. Well, it is all dependent on your need. There can be many reason indications of why you will need a portable humidifier. For example, if you live in a damp area or have health-related issues or experience a bad smell often. People having trouble with allergies and problems with mold often make use of dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers are made to suck the air present in your area, remove any moisture present, and after cleaning blowing it back out. The benefits of using portable dehumidifiers involve:

  • Fits in the budget of almost all people
  • Can be used in large areas
  • Portable and thus easy to move around everywhere
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Available with digital controls, therefore performing various operations with is easy.

Are portable dehumidifiers right for the people?

Most of the time, people who own offices or larger spaces prefer buying dehumidifiers. They are very quick in performing their jobs and thus can dehumidify the entire large area within minutes. However, people owning small places such as houses are advised to buy hame dehumidifiers. Since dehumidifiers are based on the type of area you require it for, it is important for you to keep this factor in mind and then buy it.

Pros and cons of whole home dehumidifiers

These dehumidifiers are made for the entire place or home. People need to connect it to the ductwork to remove all the humidity from the house. It can be estimated that such devices produce more condensation in comparison to the portable humidifiers. Whole house dehumidifier pros and cons are below stated.


  • It performs a quiet operation because the utility room is not in the living area
  • Out of sight
  • Wall-mounted paneling for the control is available
  • Very energy efficient
  • Provides a long-term solution for the humidity treatment
  • Maintenance required only once a year
  • No need to empty the tank of condensed water manually


  • Very expensive
  • Professionalism is needed to install such devices.

However, buying a home dehumidifier or a portable one depends on the purpose and the space you will require it for. whole house dehumidifier pros and cons are easily available on the online ecommerce website, and people usually buy this from such stores that ensure guarantee and warranty on the products. Another benefit earned by making an online purchase of dehumidifiers is that you get to know the reviews of the people regarding each product. Most of the time, the reviews are mostly positive. The lifetime of the device somewhat depends on the way you use it and somewhat depends on the quality of materials and circuits used while manufacturing. At last, it’s your budget, and it’s your need that you have to see for making the right purchase.