President Erdogan should be tried alongside me, says imprisoned HDP co-leader

Figen Yuksekdag, Co-leader of the Peoples' Democracy Party

The Peoples’ Democracy Party’s (HDP) imprisoned co-leader, Figen Yuksekdag, was in court today for a speech she made in Suruc on 20 July, 2015, where in response to claims the HDP was relying on terrorist organisations she had said, “We rest our backs on Rojava, on Kobani, on those that are resisting against the atrocities of ISIS, the warriors of the YPG-YPJ and the PYD”.

Yuksekdag was arrested and imprisoned on 4 November last year for ‘terrorist propaganda’ and ‘membership of an armed terror group’. In her defence, Yuksekdag said, “Saleh Moslem, the leader of the political force they’re calling a ‘terrorist organisation’ was hosted in Istanbul. What is my speech compared to that? The government met with the leader of the ‘terrorist organisation’. If I am being tried for just what I said, the prime minister of the time, along with President Erdogan should be tried alongside me”.

Accusing the government of being inconsistent, Yuksekdag requested to be released and added, “I stand by what I said at the time and still believe I was right. Those that are accusing me of being a member of a terrorist organisation will be held accountable”.