Product Review for the Nordicktrack A2350 Treadmill

When one of our friends purchased the NordicTrack A2350 Treadmill he was really excited about it. I brought us over to show it to us, and I had to admit that it was pretty cool. When he told us how much it cost we were sure we would not be buying one, at just over $700 it is not a ridicules price for a treadmill especially for a high tech one like this one, it is just more than we would be comfortable paying. A couple of months went by and that same friend had lost his job. Things were not looking good and he still owed $300 on the treadmill. Since he was not really using it that much he thought it might be good to sell it and pay off the debt. He offered it to us for $400.00 and since we liked it and that was a good deal, and we wanted to help him out we bought it. With the purchase of the best Incline treadmills, exercises will build muscles in the ankles and calves. The walking on the surface with the anklets is beneficial for the person. The purchase should be done based on the fitness and goals of the person. Some settings can be done to get the desired results with less charges. 

The NordicTrack A2350 is a very modern treadmill. It has what is called a “Fitness Age Center.” All you do is type in some information about yourself, such as your age, weight, and height and it tells you what your fitness age is. It keeps track of this over time for you and if you do really good your fitness age will get younger, this really gives you a goal to shoot for.

Also in the treadmills console you have IFIT cards you can put inside it. These cards cause the treadmill to behave like a personal trainer. The trainer talks to you as you are working out, and the treadmill will automatically adjust your speed and incline as you go.

The sound system on the treadmill is excellent, and it state of the art and theater quality. You can plug in your iPod or your MP3 player right in to the console. So you do not have to wear head phones. The sound quality is really amazing.

There is some assembly required with this treadmill, luckily for us it was already put together when we got it. Our friend said that it had taken him about an hour and a half to put together. (Better him than us). We were able to fold the treadmill and get it easily in to our mini-van. It folds up nicely for storage as well.

The treadmill has speeds from 0 to 12 miles per hour. It also has a 1 touch system where you can simply touch a button to change the speed of the treadmill and the incline. You do not have to keep touching the buttons, to get it where you want it.

The treadmill has a special high powered motor that is powerful enough to allow you to use it for a long time. You can run or walk on it for a long period of time without it starting to grind a bit on you. The motor also has a life time warranty on it, as does the frame. The other parts and labor only have a one year warranty however, but it is good to know if the motor ever fails we can get it replaced.

The treadmill has a long and wide walking space it is a 20″ by 50″ treadmill. So you can take long strides if you like and if you get a little off center you don’t have to worry about your foot hitting the side. Since I am short this is not really a problem for me, but I am sure taller people will be happy that this treadmill does have a large walking and running area.

Over all we have been really pleased with this treadmill. It is strong from beginning to end of a workout. My husband really likes the sound system. I like the personal training settings, and the fitness age detector is giving me a goal to shoot for, as I would like my physical body to be younger than my biological age.

The Nordictrack A2350 treadmill really is worth the money. The only complaint I would have is the assembly time (which we got out of), but had we bought it new, probably would have paid someone to put it together for me.