Questions To Ask Your Pest Management Service Provider

When looking to protect your business from pests, it’s important to ensure you invest in the right pest management service provider.

In today’s blog, we list a number of questions you should consider asking any prospective pest control or pest management professional before hiring them.

How long have you been in the pest management industry?

When choosing a prospective pest management professional, you’ll want to ensure that they have the experience to back them up. But more important than that proof of experience is the proof that they have a strong, well-regarded history when it comes to pest management and that there is no question in regards to their knowledge and expertise.

If they can back up their years in the industry with positive customer testimonials, then it’s likely you’re dealing with a reputable and well-versed pest management provider.

How do you manage pest issues?

Getting to know the process a pest management service provider employs is always a good idea. How services differ between different providers. For example, there is a difference between simple pest control and pest management. Some pest control companies may work on a one-off basis in the sense they come in, treat the pest problem and leave it at that.

For pest management service providers, such as Goode Pest Control, they’re service is structured around an on-going pest management plan. Not only will they help remove pests from your premises, but they will also give you advice on maintenance tips and come back on an agreed basis to ensure no further pest problems have flared up.

Do you have a client portal?

Any good pest management service provider should be able to provide you with a means to keep track of the state of any current pest management efforts, such as what areas of your premises were treated, the chief pest issues you have, how effective the treatment was, how frequently pest management services will need to be performed and documentation for you to provide to WHS Inspectors (Work Health & Safety).

The easier your pest management service provider makes it for you to stop pests from entering your premises, the better.

Are you HACCP compliant?

Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) exists primarily as a means of creating preventative measures for businesses involved in the food industry to ensure greater food safety. In the pest management world, HACCP compliance assures that they can carry out pest management operations within premises that handle food to any extent (e.g. food packaging plants and fast food restaurants).

If you run a business that deals with food handling in any way shape or form, you will want to employ the services of a HACCP compliant pest management provider.In a nutshell, the pest management service provider would ask you to check my site or the different websites that it owns to give you an understanding about the business of handling pests in various houses but it is your job, as the owner of the house, to choose the one suitable for your house because most people are never satisfied with the results of anyone.