Recovering Well From Cosmetic Nose Surgery – How Long Time It Will Take!!

Cosmetic nose surgery is a common procedure, even though there can be some complications. The patient should take care of his/her body before and after surgery. The fist 24 hours of nose surgery can be rather painful. The face becomes puffy. There can be ache on nose. There can be some headache as well. Use medication as prescribed by surgeon. Keep the head elevated as this can reduce swelling/bruising.

The swilling in cosmetic nose surgery will increase around the eyes. It will be high in the first 2 or 3 days. Patient should apply cold compress. It will reduce swelling, and you will have a good feeling on the area. Bruising/swelling will continue for 2 weeks. It can last even up to a month. Some subtle swelling will last for months. Only surgeon/specialist can notice it. The patient can have bleeding in the first few days after surgery. The patient can feel stiffness. He should not blow the nose as this can tear the tissue.

Many people become normal after 2 days of cosmetic surgery. Many people do their usual work after surgery. But, strenuous work is not advised after surgery. Strenuous work increases blood pressure which is not good for healing process. You can get full recovery only after several weeks. The patient should follow the guidelines of the surgeon. The patient should not rub nose for 8 weeks. He/she should avoid sunburns. Even though you can have make-up after one week, take care at the time of face wash.

Patients can wear contact lenses after surgery, but he will have to avoid glasses or goggles for some weeks. Surgeon will supervise him for more than 6 months after nose surgery. The patients must communicate unusual symptoms to him. For gathering information about the recovery percentage, toy can click at site. It will offer the correct information about recovery from the liposuction. The communication of the right history and information will deliver the right results. The recovery percentage is high in comparison to the other procedure.

It is important not to get depressed after cosmetic nose surgery. It will take some time to heal. The complete result will come only after one year. But, it will come. Take comfort from this fact!