Referendum result shows Erdogan not Turkey: Martin Schulz

SDP leader Martin Schulz.

Former European Parliament President and current German SPD leader Martin Schulz has commented on Turkey’s referendum saying, “the results show Erdogan does not mean Turkey.”

The results of the referendum on Sunday have not brought any congratulations from European leaders and politicians.

German politicians, including Martin Schulz, have made critical evaluations of the marginal ‘Yes’ victory, which will herald in a presidential system.

Struggle for democracy and human rights must continue

In a Twitter post Schulz also called for the democracy and human rights struggle in Turkey to continue.

One-man regime and dictatorship

CDU vice-leader Julia Klockner told Huffington Post that Erdogan had achieved regime change “to take Turkey towards a one-man regime and dictatorship.”

Another CDU official and EU Parliament Foreign Relations Commission Chief Elmar Brok said Turkey’s EU accession process needed to be brought to an end if capital punishment was reinstated.

No EU membership with Erdogan at the helm

German Green Party co-leader Cem Ozdemir commented on the referendum saying there was no possibility of EU membership with Erdogan at the helm, while the same party’s vice-leader Claudia Roth said, “We need a new evaluation regarding our relations with Turkey.”