Review of Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, KY

Last week we visited Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, KY. While there we were able to walk along the blue hole hiking trails, see the butterfly house and bird blind, and go on the cave boat tour.

The winding trails were well cleared and brought us to different blue holes, called so because they are a bright aqua blue from the minerals. The trails also brought us to the park’s bird blind, but despite being hidden, my children were loud and I think the birds clearly heard us. Therefore, no bird watching for us.

Next we came to the butterfly house. A variety of butterflies were everywhere along with posted information about them. My children were delighted because the butterflies would land on them, and even let you walk around with one on your finger.

Last we did the cave tour, our highlight. We met our guide on the bridge leading to Lost River Cave along with several others. Our group had people of all ages from all across the country. Our guide was great. She was comical, like a Jungle Cruise Captain at Disney (we wondered if she’d worked there), but what we really liked was all of the information about the cave she had to share.

The first part of the tour we were brought down to a blue hole and given the history and legends of the hole. Then we walked down by the river, “the romantic river walk,” and were told about how the Confederate and Union soldiers used the area during the Civil War.

Next we were brought to the entrance of the cave and told about the cave’s use as a night club during the first half of the 1900’s. While we were there the cave was decorated for a wedding reception, so you felt like you got a glimpse back in time to what it may have been like. The history following this was about the cave’s use as a dump and then how it was brought to the condition it’s in today.

Now what we’d been waiting for, the boat ride. Lost River Cave is part of an underground river system, so it is necessary to swim, or take a boat into the cave. Our boat was driven slowly into the cave. We had to duck to enter because of the low entrance, but once inside the cave was high and huge! The boat rode slowly the entire trip and we stopped often so our guide could point out things. We were told about how the inside of the cave was used for the night club, and the legend of Jessie James hiding out in the cave. We were also told geological information about the cave and about the animal life within.

The trails and butterfly house were free and the boat tour cost $15 per adult and $10.50 per child. The cave boat tour lasted 45 minutes. The day at Lost River was rich in history and science and would be enjoyable to all people of all ages.

It was truly an enlightening experience akin to a thrilling bowling game where you get a chance to showcase your talents on the bowling alley where you’re best served by having your very own best bowling ball on your side alongwith a nice set of practice to keep you focused on the pins.