Rosacea Treatment at Your Medical Spa

According to the National Rosacea Society, rosacea affects over 16 million people in the United States. The Northeastern states of Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut have the worst affected populations, with 10% of the healthy adults experiencing from the skin ailment. Rosacea, like acne, is an inflammatory condition that mostly affects people with pale skin. According to Stanley Kovak, M.D. of Kovak Dermatology & Laser Institute, symptoms include red or pink facial skin, dilated blood vessels on the face, red pimples that may contain pus, cysts, flushing skin, and perhaps pink or red eyes.

When you have rosacea, it’s tempting to believe that the first thing people notice about you is your facial redness, no matter how kind, brilliant, gorgeous, or funny you are. While this may not be the case, the sense of self-consciousness you are experiencing is real. And, if you’re like the majority of rosacea sufferers, you’re undoubtedly fatigued with the trial-and-error approach to managing your symptoms. We are aware of the situation. And we can assist you. The 2D Laser Facial, available at Siti Med Spa, is an effective rosacea laser treatment that can reduce redness, restore skin tone and texture, and boost confidence.

One of the most successful and popular rosacea treatments is the 2D Laser Facial. The 2D Laser Facial is a two-step process that enhances both the appearance and texture of your complexion by addressing redness and other defects on the surface of your skin and then increasing collagen synthesis beneath the surface. Because it’s non-invasive and doesn’t require any downtime, there’s no need to rest after your rosacea laser treatment—you may return to your regular routine right away. The LimeLight Photofacial, a laser treatment procedure that transmits pulses of light and heat into the epidermis to selectively damage the blood vessels that cause skin redness, is the first step in the 2D Laser Facial. The Laser Genesis therapy then pushes heat energy into your skin’s deeper layers, resulting in improved collagen formation and a smoother, healthier appearance.

During a flare-up, topical cooling treatments or a cold pack might help reduce redness. Some over-the-counter skin care treatments, such as Colorescience’s All Calm Clinical Redness Corrector SPF 50, are created specifically for rosacea skin. Prescription drugs like Soolantra topical or Doxycycline oral capsules can help reduce inflammation and narrow dilated blood vessels. IPL treatments have grown in popularity as a way to treat a variety of skin conditions, including rosacea. Body Contouring is also an option.

For hypersensitive skin, go for a gentle cleanser. Green tea and chamomile, both of which have calming and healing properties, are the finest ingredients for rosacea-prone skin. While you’re checking for ingredients, be sure they’re devoid of sulfates. This is very abrasive for sensitive skin and might irritate and harm it further. It’s critical to choose a face cream that won’t clog your pores while also providing a soothing, hydrated appearance. Look for a cream that has hydration, soothing, and redness reduction listed among its advantages.