Russia and Iran coordinating political solution in Syria, Putin says

Vladimir Putin (right) with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters that it was the actions of Russia and Iran that secured a ceasefire in war-torn Syria After a meeting he had with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Moscow on Tuesday.

“We believe it is important to strengthen collaboration against international terrorism. Russia and Iran are coordinating the steps taken for the eradication of both ISIS and al-Nusra and are contributing to the improvement of the situation in Syria. Our joint efforts, especially in the arrangement of the ceasefire in Syria, have been decisive,” the Russian leader said.

Putin also added that the efforts of both countries has opened the path to a political solution in Syria by bringing the Syrian government and the armed opposition to the table in Astana. “This process is also contributing to the peace process in Geneva,” he claimed.

The Russian President and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rouhani, met for the eighth time in four years. Before the meeting the Tehran Times had reported that both sides are “preparing more than ten documents for signing” on various economic and political issues.