Russia and US not happy with Turkey in Syria, claims Kurdish PYD co-leader

Salih Muslim, co-leader of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD). (REUTERS/Wolfgang Rattay)

The co-leader of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim, has said Kurdish forces are working with both the US and Russia in northern Syria and that neither is happy with Turkey.

“Both Russia and the US are against Turkey’s policies. Maybe they are not saying much because they have interests, but nobody is happy with Turkey”, he told ANF news agency.

Commenting on the recent Turkish airstrikes that killed 20 Kurdish fighters in Karachok, northeast Syria, Muslim said, “Russia and the US did not accept this. There are also things that have not been reported. The US Ambassador to Ankara has criticised it too. US commanders carried out investigations in the area that was struck and have condemned the attack. But it is not at the level we desire.”

The Kurdish politician also reiterated calls for a no-fly zone over areas under the control of the autonomous administration, Rojava, across a large swathe of northern Syria.

“If a no-fly zone is not declared then Erdogan will continue his attacks. We want a no-fly zone [to prevent this]. We want Turkey to completely withdraw from Rojava and Syria”, Muslim said, adding that the YPG would withdraw from operation to capture Islamic State (IS) stronghold, Raqqa, if attacks continued.

Muslim also said they were working with Russia “against terrorism” in the northwestern Afrin region and that the agreement made between the parties in March was ongoing.

The popular Kurdish leader concluded saying that they did not trust any party in the conflict and would defend themselves against Turkish aggression.