‘Russia and Turkey preferring to ignore Kurdish discrepancies’

Russian political analyst Alexander Kirpichev has told Sputnik that Russia and Turkey are preferring to ignore the discrepancies in their policies towards the Kurds in Syria.

The expert, who suggested that the desire to end any cooperation between Russia and the Kurds was the main purpose of Erdogan’s trip to Moscow, said that “to Erdogan, the Kurds are like a red rag to a bull in terms of regional security and the security of Turkey.”

Turkish President Erdogan was in Moscow yesterday to meet Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. After a meeting between the two that took more than four hours, the presidents faced the media in a joint press meeting.

Despite a couple of questions from journalists regarding Syria, specifically the northern Syrian town of Manbij where the Kurds have been at the centre of military and diplomatic developments between Turkey, Russia and the US, the answers given by both presidents seemed to ignore the facts on the ground.

“Erdogan is concerned about Russia’s strategic alliance with the Kurds in Syria,” Kirpichev said. “A tacit agreement was made between the sides so that the interests of the two countries would not contradict each other on this matter. Or, to be more precise, the two countries just prefer not to dwell on this issue all together.”