Russia wants answers from US on Syria ‘mosque bombardment’

Russian Defence Ministry Spokesman Igor Konashenkov

Russian Defence Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said that they are expecting a statement from the US on an airstrike against a mosque full of worshippers in northern Syria’s Idlib its fighter jets hit on Thursday.

The ministry’s spokesman said, “I believe we have to expect our colleagues from the US to urgently make a statement regarding the issue. Tragic incidents in which Innocent people are killed happen in wars. However, the incident yesterday in the village of Al Jinah has once again showed that before attacking Russia all the time, leading Western media outlets need to their work properly and comprehensively investigate the truth.”

“The fact that fragments from Hellfire missiles were found near the destroyed mosque make it impossible for the international coalition [against ISIS] to remain silent on the matter,” Konashenkov told journalists.

The US military had rejected claims by several monitoring organisations that the airstrike on Thursday killed dozens of Syrian civilians in a mosque, saying instead that the strike targeted and killed al-Qaeda militants.

However, pictures and videos emerging from the region seem to disprove the US’s account of what happened.

US officials have said that an investigation into civilian casualties would be launched.