Seven ‘No’ protestors imprisoned for insulting Turkey’s Erdogan

Protestors in Istanbul's Kadikoy district hold a banner reading, 'No, we won!'

Seven people detained in Turkey’s western city Izmir following demonstrations protesting the country’s referendum results have been jailed for insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

21 protestors detained in Izmir’s Bornova district were referred to the local prosecutor’s office on Saturday afternoon, where 10 were released on judicial control. Of the 11 who appeared before a judge four were released again on judicial control while seven were sent to jail on the charge of insulting Erdogan.

Anti-government protests have continued since Sunday’s referendum, which Erdogan’s ‘Yes’ camp won by a small margin. The results have been marred by allegations of voter fraud and manipulation, with opposition parties refusing to accept the result.

Protestors are known to shout slogans calling the president a “thief, murderer and dictator.”

It is a constitutional crime in Turkey to insult the president.