Shia militias ‘kidnap’ 500 Kurds in Syria’s Aleppo

Syrian Arab Army soldier in Idlib (Stock photo)

Pro-government paramilitary groups “kidnapped 500 Kurds from Afrin” in the northern Syrian town of Mayer on the Aleppo-Afrin road on Monday local sources told Ara News Agency.

About 50 buses were stopped by the Shia militias and all passengers were detained with only one being released drivers and eyewitnesses said.

A source from Afrin, the northwestern canton of Syria’s autonomous north said the groups were pro-regime Shia militias from Nubul and al-Zahra adding, “These two villages are allied to Iran. This happens every once in a while.”

“The regime is also upset with the activities of those [Shia] militias. These two villages [Nubul and al-Zahra] consider themselves more as Iranian than Syrian,” he said.

The fate of the people is unknown.