Smoking Weed And Crime – Know About The Weeds And Crime

Here’s another reason for our legal weed brethren worldwide to jubilate. More than 250 cities from countries around the planet have been included on the list for the 2011 Global Marijuana March.

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Hit the streets and show your support on Saturday, May 7 for this global campaign on legal highs. Also known as the Million Marijuana March, Worldwide Marijuana March, or Global Cannabis March (among other various names), this huge event happens every year at the beginning of May to give weed lovers the opportunity to spread the good news about legal marijuana.

This major street rally is also the time for weed lovers to show their disgust on the deadly and unfair marijuana laws and demand an end to the prohibition of cannabis around the world.

This year, over 250 cities on on the list at Weed Wiki Cannabis Culture will be in attendance in Vancouver and Toronto which are expected to be the biggest marches in Canada.

Canada’s largest march rally will be held at Queen’s Park North in Toronto, with the simultaneous Toronto Freedom Festival — the city’s largest one-day, outdoor spring extravaganza, which attracts around 35,000 people.

After a brief scuttle with the Toronto Parks Department, organizers were able to get a permit to host the event, which they say showcases “musicians, comedians, deejays, visual artists, speakers and political activists converging in this peaceful and meaningful celebration of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Jodie Emery, wife of imprisoned activist Marc Emery, will give a speech and spearhead the march rally with fellow activists and legal weed cause-oriented groups. This will be the first time ever year since 2006 that Marc Emery will not be in attendance, due to his arrest and imprisonment in the US for peddling marijuana seeds in Canada.

Protestors in Vancouver will gather at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 750 Hornby Street starting at noon and march at 2pm to the English Bay to listen to music and activist speakers and join a massive smoking session at 4:20pm. (Potheads and legal weed aficionados will surely be looking forward to this major event • especially the massive smoking session!)

David Malmo-Levine, organizer of this humongous legal weed street-summit, says this year’s affair will be “a victimless crime-spree with excesses of democracy”.

Legal weed advocates have the right to be heard, not only on the streets, but also in every corner of the globe, in the courtroom, in schools, bars, public arenas, and yes — even inside churches, as they have as much right and privilege to enjoy life in their full capacity as free citizens of the world. This annual street summit only proves that support for legal weed from well-meaning individuals from every corner of the world is growing day by day.

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