At Kom News we are enthusiastic about providing a platform for journalists, analysts, activists, and scholars to contribute to the pool of news and narrative on the Middle East. We not only welcome analytical pieces from experts on our focus area, but actively encourage opinion pieces from our readership to give us a multi-faceted and diverse coverage of the events and developments in a region that undoubtedly has a far-reaching global impact.

Kom News strives to implement an accessible and interactive journalistic approach where our readers are also invited to produce content. We therefore call upon anyone from professional journalists to those that simply believe an incident should be made visible to the international community to submit stories, photos and videos to our news desk.

Please send articles, news, photos, and videos as attachments to [email protected] specifying what is in the attachment in the subject field.

Op-Ed submission guidelines

• Must be between 600 and 1,000 words.
• Proof read your article before submitting.
• Tell us about yourself in 150 words.
• The article must be original work and exclusive to