Suicide attack hits bus with evacuees from Syrian town, tens killed – reports

A suicide attack hit a bus with people evacuated from the Syrian Shiite towns of Fua and Kefraya on Saturday, not far from the city of Aleppo, a source told Sputnik.

“A suicide attacker detonated a bomb in the Rashidin area near a gas station, where buses with Fua and Kefraya residents were. There are killed and injured,” the source said. “At least 70 people were killed and as many as 130 were injured. It is difficult to give a precise number.”

Earlier this year, the Syrian government through mediators agreed with the armed opposition to evacuate the militants and their families from the settlement of Zabadani in Idlib province in exchange for safe passage for the evacuation of 8,000 civilians from the besieged towns of Fua and Kefraya.

The settlements of Fua and Kefraya have been besieged by the militants for three years, with thousands people still staying there. The humanitarian situation has been worsening given that the aid convoys had been prevented by terror groups operating in Syria from reaching the towns.