Supplements That Will Make You Hear Better

Hearing loss is a problem that most people encounter, especially as we grow old. People who are interested in supplements and vitamins that can improve your hearing will find the information in this article useful. If you are planning to buy Lucid Hearing products, check out the supplements mentioned below that can make your hearing even better. Without further ado, let’s start:

Supplements for better ear health

One of the ways to maintain your sense of hearing is to avoid exposure to loud noise and prevent ear infections from forming in your ears. However, those two things can sometimes be out of our control. It is inevitable that we get exposed to loud noises on occasion as an example.

Having said that, a good lifestyle coupled with a healthy diet of food and supplements can postpone hearing loss, and in some cases even prevent it entirely.

Vitamin D with Omega 3 fats

Vitamin D and Omega 3 fats are usually present in sea food, like trout, tuna, salmon as well as sardines. This vitamin can offer extremely favorable results on the loss of hearing. Research has demonstrated that older people who consumed the fish mentioned above regularly enjoyed a reduced possibility of dealing with hearing problems related to age, as opposed to people who did not eat fish. Researchers stated that this is because vitamin D that are rich in omega 3 fats enhance the blood veins that are found in the sensory system of the ear.

Anti-oxidants such as folic acid

Antioxidants, when taken regularly are able to decrease the risk of hearing problems by 20 percent. One example of an antioxidant is folic acid, which can be found in a lot of food such as broccoli, beans, liver, nuts, spinach, asparagus, and eggs Antioxidants work as a supplement to hearing loss by decreasing the amount of free radicals within the human body. For people who are not aware, free radicals that are close to the cells in your ear will result in hearing loss since they destroy the ear’s hair cells.


Magnesium is normally available in foods like brocolli, artichokes, banana, and potatoes. Magnesium has been proven to present an extra defense against hearing loss caused by excessive noise.


It is possible to improve your inner ear’s level of resistance to aging by engaging in a diet that is rich in zinc. Zinc is generally found in oysters, chocolate, and other foods.

Vitamin C and E

Just like antioxidants, Vitamins C and E behave as supplements to hearing loss since they balance the free radicals in your body. Additionally, they improve the immune system of your body, which keeps your ear safe from infections. Most fruits and vegetables contain some form of vitamin C and E, so you are not hard pressed to take these vitamins. The effectiveness of vitamin C and E can even be improved by taking them in conjunction with food, so be sure to improve your diet to include foods that contain all these supplements.