Syrian Kurds say only light weaponry received from US

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have received only light weaponry from the United States, not heavy ones, media reported Friday citing the military spokesman of the SDF.

According to Talal Silo, as cited by Xinhua news agency, the group received only light military gears, such as mortar shells and machine guns.

Silo’s statement comes after a source in the SDF told Sputnik earlier on Friday that the Kurdish forces had already received heavy weapons and armored vehicles from the United States in line with an order by US President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, the United States announced the approval of its plan to arm Kurdish fighters fighting the Islamic State terror group in Syria.

The Kurdish-led SDF launched the Wrath of Euphrates operation in November 2016 aimed at the liberation of Raqqa city from Islamic State.