Syrian Kurds set up body to govern Raqqa after IS defeat

Kurds in Syria’s Raqqa province set up a civilian assembly on Tuesday that will govern the region after the ousting of Islamic State (IS) from its capital city, local media reported.

“The city will be liberated soon and our assembly will be consolidated. Then, we will be able to deal with all the problems,” Mehmud Sewax Bersan, the administration’s newly-elected co-chair, said as quoted by the Firat news agency.

The creation of the assembly was announced at a meeting in the town of Ayn Issa, north of Raqqa, the main stronghold of IS in Syria. It will consist of 14 committees on security, economy, justice and energy, among other aspects of governance.

The gathering was attended by Syrian groups, including the Syrian Democratic Forces, a group dominated by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), as well as delegates from Arab and Turkmen minorities. All three forces are involved in a coalition-supported operation to liberate Raqqa.