Tehran confused with Ankara’s policies in Syria, Iraq but willing to cooperate

Iran's Deputy Foreign Relations Minister Ebrahim Rahimpour

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Asia-Pacific affairs, Ebrahim Rahimpour, has criticised Turkish policy in the region and said they are confused by Ankara’s approach.

According to the Tehran Times, the deputy minister, said they understood the difficulties faced by Ankara following last year’s coup attempt.

“As Iran we understand this and are ready to help. But we do not comprehend some of Ankara’s policies.”

Rahimpour added, “These problems and needs may have resulted in Turkey resorting to the Zionist regime of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Trump.”

“We hope our friends in Turkey make their plans based on regional realities and long term objectives. We believe that playing with multiple cards will lead to the loss of all cards.”

The Iranian official also said they had not created any commotion even though some of Turkey’s policies in Syria had been against Tehran’s interests, but had waited patiently for Turkey to understand.

“We can forget all the negative things that have happened with Turkey. From now on we can cooperate more seriously on resolving the problems in Syria and Iraq.”

Also commenting on Iran’s relations with Russia, the diplomat said the two countries will continue cooperation as long as it benefits the two sides.

“We will interact with the Russians to the extent that they cooperate with us and we will not be willing to cooperate with them when they are not willing to do so,” the deputy foreign minister pointed out.