Ten Truths About Diet and Weight Loss

The reality of weight loss programs is that there are many that work, and many that don’t – failure is most often brought about by the individual’s lack of dedication to the core concept of any diet program. The unfortunate fact is that most human beings are resistant to change – we get into a routine, we have a million other things going on in our lives, and we don’t want to spend the time or effort it takes to bring about a change, regardless of the potential benefits.

The truth to any weight loss program is that it requires a change in lifestyle – to what degree depends on the amount of weight we want to lose, and how much our diet affects our weight. When my 5′ 11″ father tipped the scales at 300 lbs. he finally decided that he needed to get serious about losing the weight. He did more than go on a diet, he changed the way he eats…and that is the key. These are the top ten basic facts about weight loss…

Changes in your diet are a major change in lifestyle – be committed to the concept.    There is no magic potion…        What you eat is more important than how much you eat – starvation diets do not work and are dangerous.    You don’t have to eat tasteless “diet” foods to be successful.   

You can still eat the foods you love.    There are fat burning dietary supplements that aid in weight loss.    You need to drink water…8 ounces for every 10 pounds you weigh…every day.    Dietary changes could result in temporary physical discomfort – they will only last a few days, and drinking water reduces or eliminates the symptoms.    Diets don’t have to be expensive.    Anyone can do it – but not everyone will.

It would be wonderful if there was a pill or potion that melted fat away, especially in the areas we want to target – there are supplements that aid in this process, but they are not going to work if you pound down a box of Oreos with a gallon of whole milk every evening.

But who wants to munch on celery and water while relaxing in front of the tube? Not me…and there are a variety of options out there that reside in some middle ground between the two. If you are truly interested in losing weight, it will require a change in the way you feed your body, which means a change in your lifestyle. Many of us don’t think much about what we eat, and that may be the most difficult obstacle to overcome.

Weight loss requires a conscious effort on your part to think about what you’re putting into your body. Does that mean we can never eat that delicious, grease-laden pizza ever again? NO! I personally love pizza (along with a bunch of other stuff that most diets prohibit), and I would rather be overweight than eat tasteless “diet” foods. However…pizza and soda for breakfast are out.

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There are numerous diet plans for sale out there – I would guess that most of them work if you buy into the ten basic truths about dieting. But spending tons of money to lose weight is not necessary, and in fact can be a psychological deterrent. You can, however, be successful at weight loss by redirecting the money you spend on foods that contribute to weight gain to a sensible weight loss program…and by sensible I mean something you can honestly live with. Whatever you decide to do will require a commitment on your part. Decide now, or decide later…but the sooner you get started, the sooner you will look and feel better.