‘Terrorists destroyed over half of Syria’s air defence’: Assad

Terrorists have destroyed over half of Syria’s air defence systems, explaining why the Syrian forces were unable to intercept US missiles earlier this month, Syrian President Bashar Assad told Russian news agency Sputnik in an interview.

“We don’t have to give a precise number now, because as you know it’s military information, but I can tell you more than fifty percent,” Assad said of the destroyed air defence systems.

He explained the systems’ inability to take down US Tomahawk missiles on April as “technically complicated because the missile must see its target.”

“Let’s say, our missile, and to see it you need a radar that can see every angle of the country which is impossible because you’re talking about terrain and topography, and as you know the cruise missiles use [the] terrain in order to hide from the radar,” Assad said.

Terrorist attacks were the second reason behind the Syrian air defence system’s inability to shoot down the Tomahawks, Assad added.

“At the very beginning of the attacks, they started by destroying the Syrian air defence, which has nothing to do with what they called it that time the “peaceful demonstrations.” Most of the air defence are outside the cities in outlying areas, so they started attacking that air defence and it was affected dramatically during the crisis,” he said.