The Best Pigments You Can Choose For Microblading And The Things You Need To Know Before Your Appointment

Microblading, a revolutionary permanent makeup solution, is getting a lot of popularity recently because of its long-lasting and perfect results. The time we spend in front of the mirror to get that perfect look is not going to be a worry anymore. Your eyebrows can have a fresh from the salon look all time of the year without spending any time before the mirror. So if you are going through a micro-blading procedure, then here are few microblading pigments you can choose from, and also this article will tell you What you need to know before your Microbladingappointment to ensure optimum results.

The best microblading pigments

Microblading and tattooing are different because tattooing uses ink and microblading uses pigments, and if you are getting confused as to which pigment you need to use, here are a few suggestions:


this comes with a set of 6 colors golden brown, dark brown, soft brown, medium brown blond, and warm effect. They are high-quality products that are perfect for your brows and are the favorite of professional microblading artists.


a perfectly kept secret for faking your eyebrows, it gives them the natural and fantastic look that everybody will envy. So it is a great choice for your microblading process.


one of the best in the market, and it comes in a 3ml bottle with six colors. Be prepared to fall in love with your eyebrows once you use this microblading pigment.


the product is designed for microblading professionals. It has never given a difficult moment to date. Perfectly absorbed by the skin, giving you the perfect finish you wanted.

The above are a few suggestions you can use when choosing your microblading pigment. Lots more solutions in the market give you perfect results, and you can consult your professional artist and choose the best tone for your skin type.

What you need to know before your microblading appointment to ensure optimum results

Here are a few things that you need to know before your microblading session:

  • 24 hours before your microblading session, you need to avoid alcohol, caffeine, fish supplements, and aspirin
  • You need to be prepared to lie still for a very long time
  • Avoid waxing, tweezing, or threading your eyebrows one week prior to your appointment
  • You need to keep your skin dry before the session, so no sweating is allowed
  • Do not tan or have a sunburned face
  • If you are sick or having a cold, cancel your appointment and reschedule it
  • Do not use any chemical peels on your skin one or two months before your session

These are What you need to know before your Microbladingappointment to ensure optimum results, and if you are prepared to follow all the above suggestions, then you can proceed with your microblading session. Your artist performing the microblading session will tell you if you are a perfect candidate for the process. If yes, then just lie down and wait for the magic to unfold.