The List Of Diffrent Types Of Quiz Games

There is a variety available in almost everything these days, and the case with quizzes is also the same. There are so many types of quizzes worldwide that it is not even possible for a single person to take all of the quizzes. Quiz games range from the most trivial topics to the most exciting ones like hogwarts house quiz.

Normal Quiz Games

Normal quiz games or traditional quiz games are the quizzes that have existed for a long time. They are not digital like the modern quizzes but are oral or pen and paper quiz games. Such quiz games are found in books or are organized by people.

Digital Quizzes

Digital quizzes are the quizzes available on smart devices or any other digital device. Such quizzes are very well designed; the person taking the quiz gets the question of a digital screen, and most of the time, the correct answer becomes visible as soon as the question is answered.

Online Quizzes

Almost the entire world is online, so why not quizzes. There are many quiz games available online and quiz games that can be installed on smart devices.

  • Online quiz games are games that are available online and can be played online.
  • Quiz games available online are often not very long and are a great source of entertainment.
  • Topics from trivia to fandoms are available on online quiz games. This makes online quiz games very diverse and enjoyable.
  • The format of online quiz games mostly is option based. The question is presented on the screen and has different options from which one option has to be chosen.
  • The quiz results can be shown either after the answer to each question or after the competition of the entire quiz.

Personality Quiz Games

There doesn’t need to be a correct or incorrect answer to questions in quiz games. In personality quiz games, there are no correct or incorrect answers. Personality quiz games are rather designed so that they can judge the personality of people taking the quiz.

  • The 16 Personalities Quiz:- 

The 16 personalities quiz game is very popular. This test is designed to test the personality of the person taking the quiz. The quiz question asks the people taking the quiz about how they generally feel, behave, or what they would do in a certain situation. It also considers the person’s choices, what the person would choose over other things. All these factors are then evaluated, and a personality type is assigned to the person.

  • Hogwarts House Quiz:-

The hogwarts house quiz is undoubtedly one of the most popular quiz games around the world. The qualities and character traits of a person are taken into account, and then they are used to assign the person into one of the four houses in the Harry Potter series.

The number of quiz games available is uncountable, and the topics for the same quiz games are unimaginable. They range from the most basic topics to the most complex ones. Maybe this is why quiz games are so popular as there is at least one quiz game suitable for every individual.