The Most Commonly Used Batteries in Vapes

The battery is an important component in an electronic cigarette. The cartomizer, (responsible for vaporizing nicotine) gets its power from this battery. Without the battery, then an e-cig would not be able to work. Although there are dozens of electronic cigarette manufacturers, all these devices use similar batteries. Discussed below are 1o of the most commonly used batteries in e-cigs and cigars.

  • AW IMR 18490:

These batteries are common in most electronic cigarette brands. This is because the cells are made of a lithium manganese compound. This compound is mostly preferred in e-cig batteries as it is safer and doesn’t explode due to extreme temperatures or short-circuiting. The IMR batteries are long-lasting and have a power rating of 16.5 A.

  • Samsung INR 18650 cells:

These Samsung batteries are also a safe option to use in e-cigs. These batteries can produce 22A continuous discharge, which is a much higher performance when compared to other batteries in the market. In addition to this, the Samsung INR batteries provide more than 10AMPs of power. This makes them a perfect choice for cigars and chain smokers who demand more power.

  • LG IMR 18650:

These batteries have a greater capacity (2500 mAh) than many other e-cig and e liquid device batteries. This is because they have been manufactured using lithium cobalt, which produces more power. Although the LG IMR batteries do not a very high continuous discharge rate, they are an excellent choice considering they produce 20A.

  • EH IMR 18650 NP:

Made by Sony, these high-grade batteries produce a stunning 30A of power. This means they can give a continuous supply of 3.7 volts for much longer than many other batteries. These batteries however produce 1600mAh, which is good for 18650 batteries.

  • AW IMR 18650:

This is the most preferred battery for vapers today. The reason for this is that, it can produce a constant 1600mAh supply of power at a stable rate. This makes it a convenient battery for vapers who require a huge amp draw over a short time. The other reason many people love this battery is that, it is of a high quality and very safe to use.

  • Efest 18650:

Just like the Sony made EH IMR, the Efest produces a clean 30A of continuous discharge rate. This battery is commonly used to power cigars and e-cigs made for chain-vapers. In addition to this, the Efest battery provides approximately 1600mAh of power, though there are other low drain options for the occasional vaper. This battery however is not as good as the EH IMR 18650 cells.

  • Orbtronic SX30 18650 batteries:

SX30 is one of the few batteries that produce capacity and amp-load. These batteries give enough power that can drive your e-cig for days, while producing enough energy for the cartomizer to vaporize nicotine for an optimal vaping experience. This battery can be used on both cigars and demanding electronic cigarettes. Although Panasonic repackages these orbtronic batteries, they remain a Japanese made product.

  • Efest IMR 18650 Purple:

The Efest IMR Purple is among the few lithium-manganese batteries that produce a remarkable 35A. Research shows that these batteries provide low resistance power, which makes it possible to produce humongous clouds of vapor from an electronic cigarette or cigar. Although these cells produce low resistance power, the batteries capacity isn’t compromised, hence an excellent option for heavy vapers.

  • MNKE IMR 18650:

The MNKE IMR batteries produce a high continuous amp rating and have a substantial performance over many other batteries in the market. These were the most common batteries found in the first electronic cigarettes to be manufactured. The sad news however is that, this brand of e-cig batteries have been discontinued though still available in some e-cigs.

  • The Sony US18650 VCT5:

These are rated the best batteries in production yet. These batteries, produce up to 30A, which enables an e-cig to produce dense clouds of vapor. Although very high capacity batteries 2600 mAh, these batteries are safe and provide all the protection you need as you vape. In addition to this, these batteries last longer than any other batteries in the market today.

If you are shopping for a battery to use in your e-cig, then the recommended limit is finding a battery producing 10A. If you however need to enhance your vaping experience and be able to produce dense clouds of vapor, then the 30A batteries will work just fine for you.