Tips On Finding The Best Marlin Scope

Hunters will definitely find it exciting and fulfilled when they get chance to tinker the modern and innovative hunting rifle, the Marlin. Marlin 60 is the most sought-after hunting rifle as it offers the best hunting experience. But, to enhance the overall hunting experience, you need to have the best attachments, of which the scope is the primary one. The best quality scope for Marlin 60 needs to have three important qualities free of any complications, lightweight and compact in size. If you are in the market looking for the best Marlin Scope, consider the below mentioned tips to find the right option for your Marlin Hunting Rifle.


The scope for your Marlin rifle must not be too heavy. The ideal weight of the scope must be less than half a pound. You will find much lightweight quality Marlin scope that work best with your Marlin 60 rifle. Most of the scopes come with 3× to 9× zoom ability, while they are compact and lightweight.

Magnification Ability

If you are using the basic Marlin rifle, you don’t need to look for long range scope. Marlin 60 usually comes with chamber for .22 calibre rounds and it don’t have much in regards to long range. Marlin 60 rifles can only cover a distance of less than 200 yards and this means that you need to have a scope that can zoom in on targets which are not more than 1000 years. The best scope for your Marlin rifle must give you a clear view of the targets up to 200 yards and this means the mid range scope will work best. The scope must come with at least 3× zoom.


The best Marlin scopes come with uni-body design. It means the main body part is designed with single piece of metal. This type of construction makes the scope stronger and accurate for long run. It also features adjustment knob which needs to be used manually. The uni-body scopes are dust proof and water resistant and ideal for rifles that are used for hunting.

Eye Relief

Eye Relief is the distance between eye and the eyepiece where you see the clear sight picture. For all high calibre rifles, you need to have an eye relief that is at least 3-4 inches in size or you may end up having black eye due to the eyepiece when it is kicked back into eyes during recoil of the rifle.

For Marlin rifles, eye relief is not a big deal, but it is better if the scope has eye relief of 3-4 inches.

Elevation Adjustment

Since Marlin rifles are suitable for medium range targets, you would not require much in regards to elevation adjustment. You need to have elevation adjustment in the scope when you are shooting targets that are located above 100 yards.

So, these are some of the helpful tips that you need to keep in mind when searching for best Marlin Scope in the market. To know more details and best scope models for Marlin rifle visit where you will find helpful advices and the list of best Marlin Scopes.