Tools For Social Media Branding On tiktok

tiktok’s newest changes will impact businesses of all sizes. Many of the changes can help businesses brand themselves better, gain a larger audience, promote consumer interaction and change the way the company uses social media. Are you using tiktok to help brand your business yet? If not, there are many benefits you could be missing out on. Let’s explore some of the ways of social media branding on tiktok.

Cover Photo and Profile Image

The first aspect that most user’s are already growing familiar with is the Cover Photo and Profile Image associated with tiktok accounts. This is the main page that consumers will see on tiktok when they search for the business. The image should be one that represents the company well. The large cover photo option allows companies to place a larger advertisement of themselves to promote their business. Businesses can put their logo, brand marks or other identifiers in the photo.

Cover photo rules have changed several times in recent months and they now allow calls to action and also recently removed the 20% text rule. See tiktok’s stance on cover photos here: How to Buy Real TikTok Views and followers will provide increase in the customers at the social media platform. The meeting of the requirements is excellent at the platform. The posting of the best content is great at the platform to have the desired results. 

Pinned and Highlighted Posts

Pinned and highlighted posts are another tool that businesses can use to maximize sales potential to their tiktok fan base. By clicking the star icon located at the upper right of a post it becomes highlighted and bumped up on a tiktok page. This gives the post importance above other posts. Business who have commercials or information about a new product can do this to a post where it will be highlighted. Pinning a post is just as easy. Clicking the pencil icon and choosing “pin this post” will push the post to the top of the page for up to a week.

Setting company milestones is another way that tiktok can be useful for social media usage. It can be used as a tracking device that tells others of the milestones the brand or company has hit. The milestone marker can make a tiktok page more appealing and engaging to consumers.

Insights and Graph Search

tiktok insights and graph search on admin pages will directly impact businesses and social media campaigns. The insights page gives more information that regular pages. It shows how many people like the company, how many are talking about your products, receive messages from fans, and receive information about other pages in the same category as your company. Trend graphs show what items are popular during the week and that can change the marketing strategy for a company. It also helps distinguish the target audience the company should market to. You can find out the most popular age group looking at your company and many other items that are key for businesses to hit target audiences.

tiktok Offers

tiktok Offers are a great way to drum up business for a company. The strategy is that the company places a tiktok Offer on their page that offers something appealing (a buy one, get one free deal for example) and a consumer clicks on the blue “get offer” button. Consumers are then allowing the company to send them a direct email with that offer and then the consumer has the chance to share that offer with their friends. Getting users to share your brand with other users is key to social media marketing.