Turkey bans Periscope

Turkey bans Periscope over copyright infringement.

Twitter’s live video streaming platform Periscope was banned in Turkey after a court issued an interim injunction for copyright violation, reported the daily Yeni Safak on Friday.

The decision came after a Turkish company, Periskop Iletisim ve Produksiyon Hizmetleri Ltd. (Periskop Communication and Production Services Ltd.) went to court for copyright infringement claiming the name ‘Periscope’ belonged to their company.

Periscope’s name in Google Play’s Android application was then changed to ‘Scope’ for Turkish users on Saturday morning. The name hasn’t been changed yet on App Store. The ban was expected to come into effect on Saturday but it remains to be seen how the name change will affect the situation.

The application was widely used by the political opposition in Turkey to document irregularities or police aggression towards citizens and for live coverage of parliamentary sessions.

Turkey will hold a crucial referendum on 16 April.