Turkey cracks down on social media: 68,744 accounts investigated

Thousands of Twitter accounts have been blocked in Turkey

Turkish authorities have investigated 68,774 social media accounts since the 15 July failed coup attempt. Judgements are being awaited in 17,862 cases where the prosecutor has requested detention.

68,774 Facebook and Twitter accounts have been investigated in Turkey in the past 6 months for posts deemed to “support terrorist activity”. The accounts were reported by other users after Turkish officials, including President Tayyip Erdogan, appealed to the public to inform authorities.

21,723 users have been identified while 47,024 accounts are still being investigated. 17,862 people are awaiting decisions on whether they will detained for posts.

3,861 social media users have been detained since the July coup attempt. 1734 individuals have been arrested and imprisoned while 1317 were released on judicial control, with 810 people released after questioning.

Turkey has imposed blanket bans on thousands of websites and social media platforms, including Twitter and Youtube, since the Gezi protests in 2013.

Source: Birgün