Turkey EU membership ‘unrealistic’, says German foreign minister

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said Turkey’s membership of the European Union is ‘unrealistic’ adding that Turkey has never been so far away from being a member of the 28-country bloc.

Speaking to Germany’s weekly news magazine Der Spiegel, Garbiel said, “I always had my doubts on the matter, but I was in a minority that thought the same in the Social Democrat Party.”

The foreign minister also said that at the time he believed the Garman Chancellor’s model of a ‘privileged partnership’ for Turkey was wrong for the conditions of the time, but that the circumstances had changed completely after Brexit.

“If the EU is going to discuss a ‘special partnership’ with the UK, this could also be a model for other countries,’ Gabriel said.

The foreign minister threatened that if Turkish officials were not careful with the words they were using against Germany, their entrance into the EU country would be barred.

“We told them very clearly, if Ankara does not comply with German law, we can and will take all precautions necessary.”

Germany cancelled meetings organised for Turkish ministers in its country for Turkey’s constitutional reform referendum set for 16 April which angered Ankara. Turkish President Erdogan had likened Germany’s decisions with that of the Nazi era.