Turkey protests Switzerland over ‘kill Erdogan’ banner

"Kill Erdogan with his own weapons", reads the banner unfurled in Switzerland capital Bern, 25 March 2017, (KEYSTONE/Peter Klaunzer)

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry has made a statement condemning Switzerland after a “kill Erdogan” banner was unfurled at a demonstration in Swiss capital Bern on Saturday.

The banner, showing Erdogan with a gun pointing at his head read, “kill Erdogan with his own weapons,” and was carried by left-wing protestors at a demonstration against the upcoming constitutional referendum, according to the Swiss news site 20 Minuten.

In its statement the foreign ministry said the banner had threatened President Erdogan with death, adding, “we protest that this demonstration, which openly promotes violence and terror, was allowed and have called on Swiss officials to take administrative action. Our ministry will be following up on this issue.”

The statement also added that Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu had to his Swiss counterpart to voice his disapproval of the action.

Swiss authorities are yet to comment on the issue.

Relations are tense between the two countries after allegations of spying by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) on Swiss citizens of Turkish origin critical of Ankara.