Turkey referendum: Opposition MP claims ‘No’ ahead despite victory declaration for ‘Yes’ vote

Unofficial results suggesting that the ‘Yes’ vote has come out victorious in the Turkish constitutional referendum have been rebuffed by opposition lawmakers.

Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT World has confirmed the ‘Yes’ camp’s victory but critics have said the vote count is still continuing.

2.5 million ‘problematic’ votes

Opposition parties CHP and HDP have reported many instances of violations and fraud with CHP vice-leader Erdal Aksünger stating that the ‘No’ vote is ahead. Aksunger also said there were 2.5 million “problematic” votes.

Former MHP deputy Umit Ozdag spoke on national TV and said only 68% of the vote had been counted by the Supreme Electoral Board despite state-run news agency AA confirming 97% of ballots as being counted.

Ozdag also claimed that the CHP were preparing to object to 60% of the ballots, which would lead to a recount.

State-run news agency AA has reported the vote as being 51.33% in favour of constitutional change with 48.68% against. 97.9% of ballots have been opened according to the pro-government news agency.