Turkey seeks 395 year prison term for Kurdish politicians

Gultan Kısanak (left) and Sebahat Tuncel

Imprisoned Kurdish women politicians from the autonomy-seeking Democratic Regions Party (DBP), Sebahat Tuncel and Gultan Kisanak, were brought to court in Diyarbakir, southeast Turkey this morning.

Prosecutors demanded up to 135 years in prison for DBP co-leader Sebahat Tuncel, who was detained on 6 December 2016 on charges of being the ‘member of a ‘terrorist organisation’.

Diyarbakir Municipality co-mayor Gultan Kisanak, who was removed from her position and imprisoned on 30 December 2016, also appeared in court on the same charge. The former Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) lawmaker is being tried for a 230 years prison term.

At least 49 DBP mayors have been imprisoned pending trial since the declaration of state of emergency in Turkey in July. A larger number have been removed their positions with statutory decree laws introduced by the government. According to the party at least 2,500 members have also been imprisoned.

Updates to follow…