Turkey summons German ambassador over cancellation of ministers’ meetings

Martin Erdmann, Germany’s ambassador to Turkey was called by its Ministry of Foreign Affairs and allegedly asked to explain the cancellation of meetings planned in Germany to promote the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP)’s campaigns on Turkey’s constitutional referendum.

According to Turkish media, deputy secretary Mehmet Kemal Bozay met Ambassador Erdmann in the ministry and delivered Turkey’s written and verbal protest of the situation.

The deputy secretary declared that the cancellation of Turkish ministers’ meetings in Germany does not sit well with the principles of a democratic state and rule of law.

The European Union Minister, Omer Celik, also criticised Germany and tweeted: “Germany damages the bonds between the two democracies and builds ideological Berlin Walls which separate people from each other”.

Relations between the two countries recently took another turn for the worse after German daily Welt correspondent Deniz Yucel’s imprisonment in Turkey. Yucel was imprisoned on charges of “terrorist propaganda” and also “inciting hate and enmity in the public.” Turkey has been criticised heavily by the German media and authorities for the arrest.