Turkey’s Defence Minister slams Greece extradition ruling

Turkish Minister of National Defense Fikri Isik criticised Greece for court decision.

Turkey’s Minister of National Defence Fikri Isik commented on Greece’s Supreme Court ruling against the extradition of eight Turkish soldiers, accused by Ankara of involvement in the failed coup attempt last year.

Isik, at a military ceremony in Tuzla, said the decision was “a true disappointment” and that it “was a political decision – not a juridical”.

“We are familiar with the position Greece up until today has had on the PKK and DHKP-C. [Greece’s] approach and many decitions regarding these organisations have been dissappointing” Isik said, referring to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front – two organizations Turkey accuses Greece of giving a safe haven. “Greece has by this decision showed that they are on the wrong path in the struggle against terrorism”, the minister said.

Earlier on Thursday, as Kom News reported, Greece’s Supreme Court rejected Ankara’s request for the extradition of the 8 Turkish officers saying that the officers would not receive a fair trial in Turkey.