Turkey’s President Erdogan accuses Germany of Nazism

(Photo: Anadolu Agency)

Speaking at the “Women and Democracy Meeting” in Istanbul, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan compared the recent decision by German authorities not to allow talks by Turkish ministers in Germany to “Nazi practices”.

Erdogan lambasted German authorities for cancelling two separate talks by Minister of Justice Bakir Bozdag and Minister of the Economy Nihat Zeybekci in Germany saying, “You have nothing to do with democracy whatsoever. There is no difference between these practices and those of the Nazis,” the President said.

“While lecturing us about democracy, you don’t even allow our Turkish ministers to hold a speech. The Netherlands did the same thing and others might follow. You should know how to respect opinion and thought. We will take this issue up in the international sphere. We will make them lose face in the eyes of the whole world. We don’t want to see that Nazi world. We thought Germany had left this behind a long time ago, we were wrong” Erdogan said.

Previous comments by Turkish officials on German democracy have been ridiculed by the country’s officials who said the AKP government should respect freedom of expression and democracy in Turkey before demanding it elsewhere.

German Green Party co-leader Cem Ozdemir, of Turkish descent himself, tweeted: If Erdogan wants to speak in Germany, he should permit imprisoned opposition voices and journalists to speak freely too.