Turkey’s HDP proposes law to make International Women’s Day national holiday

International Women's Day celebrations began on the weekend of 5 March across Turkey this year.

Turkey’s pro-minority rights Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), has proposed a new bill to make 8 March International Women’s Day, a national holiday in Turkey.

The bill, proposed by HDP Agri lawmaker Dirayet Tasdemir, was presented to the Parliamentary Presidency on Tuesday to mark the 107th anniversary of the celebration.

In the preamble to the bill Tasdemir wrote, “This important day was won through the long-term struggle of women; it is a day when women unite to come onto the streets with their own slogans in support of peace, rights and equality and against all kinds of oppression, exploitation, violence, war and patriarchy.”

The HDP deputy said support for the bill would be a sign of respect for women’s struggle and an important gain for women all across the country.

The HDP’s female lawmakers have also declared their participation in the Global Women’s Strike on 8 March. Millions of women across the world are expected to stop work and demand equal rights and recognition for women’s unacknowledged contribution in the labour force.